When ordering a taxi in Mumbai Taxi Corp.,, you can be sure of the punctuality and professionalism of our drivers. They are fluent in English and know absolutely all the surroundings of the city, that is, you will always arrive at any destination on time. The cost of the trip starts from 19 rupees (26¢) for the first couple of kilometers and 12 rupees (17¢) for each next. In addition, all cars are equipped with meters, the readings of which are verified with the tariff schedule approved by the government at the client, which once again confirms the reliability of our services.

When you come to another country or city, you want to get to the place or hotel you need as quickly and comfortably as possible. Our company approaches the wishes of customers with all responsibility and meets the highest requirements.

Mumbai (until 1995 — Bombay) is known as the largest and richest city in India and as the most populated city in the world at the same time. European and Asian cultural traditions coexist here. There are many holidays and festivals of various ethnic groups and religions. The population of the city takes a wide part in them, often regardless of religion. Compared to other cities in India, Mumbai has a relatively high standard of living and high business activity. This is a very picturesque city, which combines vanity and peace, poverty and wealth.

As for the transport system, there are both buses, taxis and trains familiar to Europeans, as well as more exotic ones (rickshaws and water transport) in Mumbai. In a densely populated metropolis, the best choice for you would, of course, be a taxi. According to some reports, due to the popularity of this type of transport among tourists, the number of cars is approaching 100,000.

Use the services of our company and you will get an indelible pleasure from the trip.

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